How to Announce Bridal Party at Reception

The announcement of the bridal party at the reception should be very overwhelming to set a great tone for the remaining of the evening. It does not matter if the party is casual and festive or formal, the introduction gives the invited people a general idea what to expect for the rest of the day. On the other hand, the setting of the stage is important to a certain extent and there is a simple and traditional way to introduce your bridal party.


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    Coordinate with your Master of Ceremonies

    Do talk to your master of ceremonies before the bridal party to make sure everything goes according to plan. Give him a list of names and titles for all those invited at the reception. This person is usually the band director or disc jockey who will entertain the guests for the bridal event. Also you need to tell the master to be clear on name pronunciations in order to avoid any embarrassments at the event.

    Moreover, carry out the bridal party in the exact same order you decided earlier with your master of ceremonies. Perform this close to the reception area where you can easily accommodate all of the invited guests.

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    Start the ceremony with the parents of the bride

    If the parents of the bride are separated, then have the mother and her escort walk beside her. The escort can be a son, a wedding usher, father figure or someone important. After that the father can follow the pack. Remember to follow with the parents of your soon to be husband. The same thing applies for parents that are divorced and will not be accompanying each other.

    Plan your groomsmen and bridesmaids in an order that the maid of honour and the best man are last to show up. However, if the number of people is in odd figures, have 3 people walk together. This can be done with 2 bridesmaids and a groomsmen coming together.

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    Begin with every pairing as their names are called out. The master of ceremonies should wait half a minute between couples so that photographers and other people can take pictures as they walk to the reception site. Then organise things with the flower girl and ring bearer. You should be entering the reception area as your name is announced. People will stand up and clap when you enter. You should just keep walking until you reach the main table.

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