How to Preserve a Wedding Invitation

It is very normal for a bride to keep her bouquet as a keepsake or reminder of the wedding day, but the tradition of preserving a wedding invitation is also in vogue these days. Be aware of the fact that with the passage of time, paper can discolour and ink will fade. As a result of this, it is suggested to you take some measures to help preserve your wedding card forever. A good way to make it last is to get it laminated and frame it., but there are many other methods too. However, make sure you keep it in a safe place and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Things Required:

– Wooden jewelry box
– Small paint brush
– Polyurethane


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    How to make wedding invitations last forever

    Choose how you wish to preserve the wedding invitation. You can make use of an empty wooden box or a wooden jewelry box; utilize it in whatever way you or your bride would like. Another option is to buy a wooden plaque with a hanging brass photo frame in order to hang your desired wedding invitation plaque on the wall of your room or lounge.

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    Determine the material you will use

    Once you have decided how to preserve the card, take the wedding invitation and affix it to the item that you have decided to utilize; it does not matter if it is a plaque or a wooden jewelry box. Attach it with craft glue and force out any air bubbles to make sure it does not get lumpy. Remember to clear any extra glue left. Then, let it dry for a while. After the wedding invitation is glued, and the glue has dried completely, just paint it with polyurethane; paint on multiple layers, for optimum results.

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    Install the picture frame

    When it is all dry you can add the finishing touches. If you're using a plaque, you can add a brass hanging photo frame hook. Once this is done, you can hang it on the wall or wrap it up and give it as a gift or present to your other half. This is the perfect anniversary gift and keepsake. If you wish to go digital, you can also scan the wedding invitation and save it on your laptop or computer. Then, you can print it out with a photo of you and your spouse on the day of your wedding.

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