How to Plan a Backyard Wedding

So the big day is approaching and you are getting married? Have you made all the arrangements? If you are facing financial trouble then you can come out of this crisis by having a backyard wedding. Most people think that arranging a wedding in the backyard does not leave an impact and this type of setup ruins that special day.

However, it is completely wrong as you can make this elegant affair an unforgettable event with a little bit of research and planning. You will have to cater to a lot of things but a couple of simple directions can make this task easy.


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    Determine the number of guests:

    First you need to make a guest list. The number of guests will depend on the size of your backyard. If you have enough space to adjust any number then feel free to invite all your relatives and friends. However, you must avoid calling too many people if your backyard is normal or small in size. The last thing you want to see on your wedding is people complaining about the venue being crowded.

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    Decide the seating plan:

    Next, you need to develop a proper seating plan. You can do it yourself but if your budget allows you then seek some help from a party decorator. This way, you will just have to tell the event manager the exact number of guests and he or she will make all the arrangements and use the backyard wisely to adjust to the maximum number of people.

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    Plan for the decoration:

    Decorating the area is another important thing to remember. Weddings require a certain kind of ambiance and your backyard must look like a wedding. Consider lights, flowers, background music and other things to make an ordinary place extra special for this auspicious event. There is no harm in conducting the affair in an open air setup but it is better to arrange a tent to avoid any unexpected trouble.

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    Decide the menu:

    Next thing you should plan is the food and drinks. People will forget all the happenings but one thing they won’t erase from their minds is the menu. That is why, you should offer them top quality food and drinks. Make sure that there is something for everyone in the main course. Again, the event manager can help you in this regard.

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