How to Know If She Wants To Get Married

Women can be hard to understand. They might be illogical, emotional and clingy at times but they are also caring, understanding and loving. If things are getting serious between you and your girl, the confusion raises weather to pop the dreaded question: will you marry me? Nobody wants to hear a no for an answer. So when is the right time to ask; girls usually do not tell very openly whether they are ready or not. You need to act smart and try reading between the lines and look for signs which prove she is ready. Women may not say everything out loud but they do drop hint, you should decode them and then decide if she is ready.


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    Talks about future

    Listen to what she is saying. Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally if she talks what you two would be like in the future, it might mean that she plans to spend her life with you. Also if she mentions kids sometimes, that is a big hint. Women don’t talk about kids with just anybody and when they do, it is serious. So this is a hint that she might be ready for marriage.
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    Gives you looks

    Watch out for the expectant look she gives you. When you have done something thoughtful for her and she is over whelmed, women tend to think of such things at these times. If this look is given often then she is probably thinking of marriage. Another important clue is that when you are both socializing and someone else is talking about marriage, and she smiles and looks at you, then she is ready. If she gets uncomfortable over such topics or looks away then she needs more time.
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    Wedding catalogues and jewelry

    If your girls has subscribed to wedding catalogues and reads them with interest, she may be planning a future with you. If you both go out for shopping and she stops at jewelry displays, this is another sign. The longing look in her eyes when she sees a ring and then looks at you means she wants to get married.
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    Family meetings

    If the girl wants you to meet her parents and have dinner with them, she has really accepted you. If she invites you often, then it means her family likes you too and she wants you all to get to know each other. It is a very obvious sign that she wants you to be a family member too.
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