How to Put a Wedding Announcement in the Newspaper

So you’re getting married and you decide that it’s time to tell the world. The local or national newspaper seems the most appropriate option, allowing you to make the news public.


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    Contact the newspaper agencies you wish to submit your wedding announcement to and review each paper’s requirement. They will differ significantly in terms of charges and on the words or characters one can use.

    Depending on your need, choose one that is within the budget limit you have set for yourself. The fees will get higher as the word count grows so decide what you need to cover in the announcement first before making a decision on your preferred publication. Most newspapers require you to fill a form first where you record all necessary information. This could considerably help as you will know the amount being charged beforehand.

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    Prioritize your information by starting with the basic introduction, which will include names of the bride and groom and the immediate family members of the two. Location and date of the wedding will come after that, before the reception information is listed.  While the above details are necessary, most couples may want to add personal information as well, such as their honeymoon plans, where they will be settling after marriage etc. Although these are optional details, one can easily mention all such information depending on your comfort level and financial power.

    The important consideration is here that you don’t miss anyone out. If you are mentioning names of the immediate family, then make sure you incorporate members of both families. To make it easier, split the information into two parts – pre-marriage and post marriage.

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    Use appropriate expressions and spellings. These are the two most discomforting factors after the announcement is published. Most brides don’t like the expression ‘given away’, so it is important to search and look for proper alternatives. Moreover, some of your close relatives may not come to your wedding for various reasons, so if you are mentioning their names, make sure you spell them correctly. You may need to provide a photograph as well, depending on the newspaper you choose.

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