How to Write a Funny Wedding Toast

Writing anything funny is a very tough ask for any person as you have to make sure that the things that you find funny, must be funny for others as well as there’s no point of delivering something funny if people don’t laugh at it or don’t know where you are coming from. This is also essential when it comes to writing a funny wedding speech or toast. For those of you who want to make a wedding memorable and attractive by delivering a speech to pay homage to either the bride or the groom in a funny and corny way, keep it in mind that you do not over do your speech as anything that slips out of your tongue will remain etched in the memories of the listeners whether it’s good or bad.


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    Any wedding event that you are a part of is full of emotions, traditions and filled with happiness and joy in everyone’s faces irrespective of their age and gender. The speech should be to make people happy and the only way to do this is by adding humour to it which people always like. However, try not to use vulgarity so that your words are enjoyed by everyone.

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    Keep one thing in mind that your audience will be of all age groups so make sure that you avoid the generation gap in your delivery as likes and dislikes vary between different generations.

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    Remember one thing. Humour needs to be practised. No matter how good your content is, if you do not deliver it in a good way, it will never be enjoyable to the listeners. So, you have to master your flow before the actual delivering day.

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    Beginning the speech is very important and how you do that, will result in the outcome of it. Begin your speech in a way that you have your audience’s attention. It would be great if you start with a one-line joke that is related to being married, life after marriage and losing your bachelor life. If your beginning is strong, you will have that effect on the audience.

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    Talking about a funny event in your life related to marriage or being single is always a great option. However, keep this thing in mind that you are aiming to make people laugh and not to make one feel embarrassed or ashamed. So, it would be wise if you conclude your speech with a good advice for the newly married couple.

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