How to Accept a Marriage Proposal

Every girl has a dream that a guy with handsome personality and some graceful dressing comes to her with a ring in his hand. The situation is clear that a girl wants a lover who will propose her in the most fascinating manner but the problem arises that during the time, the girls are fantasizing about the proposal they tend to forget that how will they respond in that scenario. They might think of trillion possibilities in a response but they never come to a conclusion which writes-off their problem. They think of the marriage proposal for billion times in a single day but nothing happens according to the plan. A girl doesn’t live in the mind of their boyfriend or potential husband so they can never be sure when the proposal will be coming. Hence, a surprise can occur anytime so they have to make sure that they respond gracefully if they are interested for a long-term relationship tied in a church/holy place. It doesn’t matter what state are you in? If your lover proposes you and you are sure to marry him, you should always accept the proposal with utmost grace and never ruin the beautiful moment with some nonsense.


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    Never force your boyfriend to propose at a particular time because it makes the whole thing just a formality. So, it is better to wait for the boyfriend to act on his will rather you push him. You might know that he is in a process of proposing you but never burst the bubble before he says it. Otherwise, it will just ruin the surprise and the whole feeling will just flush down the gutter. Enjoy listening to your boyfriend despite someone close to him has already told you about the plans. If you will not act genuine, the boyfriend will feel a bit hurt so act as if you didn’t know anything. It was a surprise.

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    Put a beautiful smile on your face and look genuine. Say ‘yes’ to the boy of your dreams if you are sure to marry him. Accept the proposal gracefully and allow him to express her emotions in the most romantic fashion. He will say a lot of things so smile and let him finish before you go for a French kiss.

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    Allow your fiancée to put a ring on your left-hand ring-finger. Help him if it doesn’t fits smoothly.

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