How to Make Wedding Guests Feel Special

Wedding is a very important event in your life and many people that know you contribute to the event in one way or another. Some guests visit you from out of town and it is your responsibility to make them feel special and comfortable throughout the course of the event. You must understand that these people have taken out time from their busy schedule only for you and making the trip special for them is your duty.

You can start off with welcome bags when they arrive. Make sure you keep them entertained throughout and host gatherings apart from the wedding events in their honour.


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    Add the essential details

    The first way to make the wedding guests feel special is to send them a wedding card. The card should have a wedding itinerary and a complete timeline of events so that the guests can manage their week in advance. Another thing you can do is to add a personal letter for the guest you are sending the card to. This will make the particular person feel special.

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    Welcome bags

    Whenever a guest reaches his room, finding a welcome bag in the room would make them feel very special. A better way to do this is to instruct the hotel desk to give the guests the welcome bags once they have reached their rooms.

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    Comfortable living

    Ensure that the guests are given the best treatment during their stay and book a decent place for them to live. Decent hotel rooms and tasty food for the guests would do the trick.

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    Pre-wedding gathering

    There should be a pre-wedding gathering for the guests. It could be in the form of a lunch or a picnic so that the guests feel comfortable and entertained.

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    Provide activity for guests

    Make sure you provide ample entertainment for the guests that have come from out of town. There should be a lot of activities between the ceremony and the wedding day as you would not want to leave them on their own for this time period. You can also book a movie for the guests so that they are entertained.

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