Top 10 Advantages of Love Marriages

A lot of people argue that love marriages are better than arranged ones as you know the person you are marrying. There are different views on this but the fact of the matter is that both situations have their set of advantages and disadvantages. While there is already a good level of understanding in love marriage, arranged marriages tend to take more time as you do not know your partner that well.

Love marriages are more popular as you tend to have a great understanding and friendship with your partner before you tie the knot. 


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    You know your partner very well and there is a great sense of maturity in the relationship. The two people involved have a good level of understanding between themselves.

  • 2

    Family ties

    As you know your partner well before marriage, you have a good bond with the family of your partner. You have a good idea of the nature of the relatives of the partner which helps in a big way after marriage.

  • 3

    Suit each other

    There is love and affection shared between the partners which is a proof that the bride and groom suit each other. There is great compatibility between the lovers which makes them well suited for each other.

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    You do not have to work hard to develop a level of friendship in a love marriage as it is already there.

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    You know each other

    The bride and groom know the weaknesses of each other which further strengthen the relationship. The couple will try to avoid things that are not liked by their respective partner in the relationship.

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    Both bride and groom are familiar with the habits of each other which makes the bond even stronger.

  • 7


    You do not have to make a choice in case of love marriage as you will be marrying the person you love the most. You will be with the person you love for the rest of the life.

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    You will never be short of support as you partner knows you extremely well. He or she will be there to help and sympathize with you at any low point in life.

  • 9

    Successful life

    Love marriage leads to a successful and unproblematic life in most cases. You can sense that you have made the right decision by marriage the person you love most.

  • 10


    It is a great feeling of marrying the person you have loved as there is a tremendous understanding.

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