How to Shop for a Wedding Cake

After all the preparation is done for the wedding, you suddenly realize the cake is yet to be decided. The cake is not just eaten; it is the centerpiece and the highlight of the decoration. It deserves a lot of attention and care. If this is the first time you are shopping for one, you will be surprised how much time it can actually take. Be ready to go through numerous pictures of cakes with different designs and colours. The choices are way too many and leave you confused. So take some time out for this important task. Here are a few tips to make shopping easier for you.


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    Call different reputed bakeries in your areas to check availability and make a booking with them. This way you can go and check out the variety of designs and observe the skills of the decorators. Some famous decorators take appointments almost 6months ahead. So make sure you are on schedule. You cannot just walk in and ask for their whole attention, so do make a phone call for appointment.

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    Both the exterior and the interior of the cake are equally important. While the beauty makes a statement and is an eye candy, the taste and texture will be judged by your guests too. It should have the perfect blend of flavors, moistness and the yum factor. So when you go to the bakery, ask them for different samples to taste, to give you a better idea. Decide on the decorations wisely; fresh flowers may have harmful pesticides sprayed on them. If you want gum paste flowers, they take a lot of time and may cost more. These flowers can be arranged beautifully and in different flavors. You could give the decorator fabric strips of the colors you want. There is also an option of edible pearls and silver beads. The bakery will tell you the amount of servings the cake will give. Also decide the fillings used inside. It could be fruits, coconut, chocolate or any combination.

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    You also need to take into account the cost of the cake. So be prepared to pay for their time and effort. Simpler designs are less costly. As the designs and decorations increase, so does the cost. So tell the decorator the budget you have, he/she can tell you how to chose wisely.

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    Consider where and when the wedding is. If it is outdoor, heat and flies will affect the cake. Heat could melt the cream or the chocolate curls. Wind or rain could also get in the way of your decorations. So be prepared for such pitfalls.  Also make sure the cake table is on level ground and is stable. Lastly, the delivery time should be decided to avoid any delays.
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