How to Register for Wedding Gifts at Target

Gone are the days when newly-wed couples would be showing up at stores with armloads of unwanted gifts they wanted to exchange, post-wedding – nowadays, most couples register for wedding gifts at a particular store, and guests can simply choose from the items the couple has included in their registry.

Target is a great retail store where couples can create a vast registry, including both expensive and inexpensive items – the wider the range of the registry, the easier it will be for guests to choose their gifts. However, in order to get started, the couple needs to register for the gifts to begin with.

Things Required:

– Computer or laptop with internet access


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    To begin, visit the Club Wedd section on the official Target website – this can be accessed at “”, and is among the most popular bridal registries available. This section is dedicated entirely to wedding registries, and is the portal through which you can create and access registries.

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    Once the page opens up, click on the “Create a registry” option, and then select “Create a New Account”. This will open up a form – fill in all the details accurately, and then click “Submit”. You will now be directed to the “Create a Registry” page.

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    The website will now request more information, and it is essential to fill this in correctly. You will need to provide information like you and your partner’s details, your address (this is where the gifts will be sent, so make sure you fill it in accurately), as well as your wedding date. Once everything has been filled in, click “Submit”.

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    Now, you will be directed to another page – here, click on the “Add Items to the Registry” option. You will now be able to browse through the store online, and select the items you want to add to your registry. To add an item to the registry, simply click on it, and select the “Add to Cart” option. Keep selecting items until you are done, and your registry is complete.

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    Finally, make sure you provide your guests with the registry details, so they can access it online, and select the gifts they would like to give you.The hard work is now done - you can enjoy the wedding, and then wait for your gifts to arrive.

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