How to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

Could there be a wedding without guests? With one voice we can all answer this question that this cannot be done. After all, sharing your happiness with your family and friends is all about it. And there is no arguing to the statement that you cannot celebrate this day alone and it will probably look weird if anyone from us conduct his/her wedding function in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

To be a guest at the wedding is arguably an honour, a solemn and a big responsibility because it is not everyone who falls in the list of elected people and gets invitation card. That is why the guests are obliged to justify the trust of the host.

But sometimes we have to realize that we did not meet our guests properly in these types of occasions. Guest should be well greeted not only because they brought a gift for you but because they have come to shared your happiness. In fact most of the people especially groom pay special attention to bride’s parents rather than thanking the guests for making it to the one of the biggest day of your life.


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    First, parents need to be constantly vigilant and closely monitor those who have just come to the party. Seeing the new arrivals, the parents should definitely go in person to greet guests and treat those who came before in a similar fashion.

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    Second, you should introduce guests to each other because it sometimes helps in creating more awareness and goodwill about your family. Not every mom and dad knows the names of their children’s friends by heart or other people's relatives. In this case, following the rules of etiquette, the parents themselves should meet with the guests to introduce themselves.

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    Third, the parents along with you, meeting with guests must provide information about where the groom is and what should be the time of the meal. This is particularly important because it might cause confusion among people that can lead to unpleasant feelings.

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