How to Prepare for Divorce Court

Divorce is a very stressful time in a person’s life. However, even more stressful are the proceedings to finalise the divorce. It is always better that you settle the divorce outside of court by agreeing to the division of property and belongings. But that is not the case always as negotiations generally break down and court is the last resort.

Preparation for your case is crucial as you should have all the documents and reasons to prove your point. In this case, having a good lawyer is very important. Attorneys will help you in filing and preparing for the case so you need to provide them with all the necessary paperwork so that the proceedings go smoothly.


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    Try for a settlement outside court

    It is better to resolve the matter outside as proceedings in the court can be expensive and would hit both the parties involved. You can reach a conclusion by negotiating so that there is no need to take the case to a divorce court. Hiring respective attorneys and preparing for the case can turn out to be very expensive.

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    Hire an attorney for your case

    If the matter is not solved by negotiation, court is obviously the last option. For that you will have to hire a divorce lawyer who could represent you as the case proceeds. Do your research by consulting people who have been through the same phase or by consulting legal organizations before you make a decision.

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    List the property and belongings you share

    Make sure you list all the properties and belongings you share with your wife in order to prepare for the case. The list should include real estate, bank accounts, cars or any other financial investments. This will make it easier for the attorney to prepare for your case.

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    List all household and medical expenses

    The next thing would be to prepare a list of all the expenses. This includes the entire household and the medical expenses you shared. List the monthly bills, maintenance costs, taxes paid, clothing, health insurance costs and any medication expenses.

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    Provide the attorney with all the information

    Provide all these documents to your attorney so that he can thoroughly prepare for your case. You should make copies for all the paperwork you have submitted for review afterwards. Try to examine all the documents and make sure there is not anything that can go against you during the proceedings of the case.

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