How to Throw a Non-Traditional Bridal Shower

There are many traditions associated with a wedding which many people follow when the big day is drawing near. A bridal shower is one of these traditions that have been around for over a hundred years now. Mainly an event in North America, it is finding root in some other regions of the world.

Some find it to be a touch boring as it is people coming in and giving gifts to the bride to be who in turns opens them in front to of everyone. You can try something different and spice up the things at the bridal shower.


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    Game Night

    Instead of taking gifts on a bridal shower, there can be more fun had if there is a game night held that includes that the friends of the bride. They can choose from a number of indoor games that can be fun. They can have lots of their favourite foods during the fun night. This will be much better than the traditional gift ceremony and will be much more memorable as well.

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    Build a House

    Instead of the traditional gifts, the friends can also help the bride and the groom with their needs in the new house or if they are looking to make a new one. Instead of going for the clothes and other traditional gifts, the bridal shower can take place at a home improvement store where everyone can buy the soon to be wedded couple supplies that will be useful for them in getting their new living space in order. Buckets of paint, some kitchen products and a like can be extremely helpful in this regard.

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    Skill Learning

    You can also dedicate the event to teaching the soon to be bride certain skills that will be useful in her married life. These can include teaching her to knit or to help her with decorating skills. Similarly, you can also teach her how to bake or cook certain foods. This will be a fun filled evening that will also help the bride in learning something new and useful.

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    Spa Evening

    This can be a strictly for ladies event. Have a nice spa booked and the bride and her friends can enjoy the chatter while they get pampered at the spa. This can be a lot of fun for the ladies who never mind a nice time at the spa anyway.

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