How to Be the Perfect Husband

You fell in love with a woman, walked down the aisle with her, vowed to stay by her side through thick and thin. Things, however, do not end here. You have a whole life to spend with her and thus a life time of opportunity to love her and make her feel special. You may consider yourself lucky to get married to the woman of your dream. However, do not just stop there. Make your wife feel just as fortunate to have you as her husband. It is not at all tough to be a perfect husband, though it does require a great deal of commitment.


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    In order to be a perfect husband, communicate with your wife. Listen to her when she wants to talk instead of making an excuse or giving preference to some other activity such as watching TV over her. Do not forget that your wife is a woman and women love to talk and express themselves. Your wife will really appreciate your attentiveness and interest in whatever it is that she has to say. She will also feel special by having you giving priority to having a conversation with her instead of spending your time on something else.

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    You do not need to wait until Valentine’s Day to show your wife how you feel about her. Make every day as special as Valentine’s Day. Your wife is bound to feel flattered, pampered and loved if you do things, even small things, to bring a smile on her face. Buy a rose for her on your way home from office, or surprise her with some gift every now or then.

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    Women love compliments and your wife will surely be no different. A perfect husband is aware of this fact and therefore is generous with compliments, even if some of them are lies. There is no harm in lying to your wife to make her feel happy. Remind her how beautiful you find her or what an excellent cook she is every day or two. Give her confidence a massive boost by making her feel like the best wife in the world.

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    Do not wait for a reason to tell your wife you love her. You do love her and that is a good enough reason for you to tell her that. She would love to be reminded about your feelings for her. You can also remind her from time to time why you are so madly in love with her.

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    Share your wife’s interests. She would love to have you show interest in what she loves and talk about her interests with you like she would with her friends.

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