Mixed Marriage Advantages and Disadvantages

Mixed marriages are becoming more and more common in the 21st century. By mixed marriage we refer to a marriage between individuals from different races. Up until the middle to late 20th century, mixed marriages were frowned upon in most parts of the world and even outlawed in some societies, including the United States and South Africa.

Fortunately, we have come a long way since then and now most people are able, by law, to marry people from other races. However, this has both advantages and disadvantages and here we will apprise you of both.


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    Advantages of Mixed Marriages

    Mixed Marriages Promote Tolerance in Interracial communities

    When a member of a racial community gets married to a member of another racial community, the two communities are forced to interact to some degree. From weddings to birthdays and funerals to family reunions, interracial couples get to experience the family life of their spouses just like normal couples do. Owing to this, different racial groups get to interact and develop a mutual understanding that can reduce differences.

    Genetically Stronger Offspring

    Mixed race offspring are generally likely to have a higher genetic capacity for a healthier life than single race offspring. In lay man’s terms, this may happen because the strengths of the genes of either race may make up for the weaknesses of the other but preserve their strengths at the same time.

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    Disadvantages of Mixed Marriages

    Cultural Identity of Children

    Mixed race children will often find themselves having to identify with the culture and community of one parent over the other. This is often more pronounced in situations where the parents are not only from different races but also different countries.

    When a child chooses to identify more with one parent’s race than the other, the other parent may feel less loved or even inferior. More seriously, mixed race children may be the subject of extra attention from classmates and even bullying, thus mixed race couples often have to be careful to settle down in more tolerant areas.

    Culture Shock

    Culture shock is inevitable for mixed marriages and requires a good deal of patience, open mindedness and understanding to overcome. Both partners will need to be open-minded and tolerant of the differences in their respective cultures.

    Disapproval from Family

    One’s family probably forms the closest group of people, and if they are intolerant about mixed marriages, you might have a problem.

    Even if your family does not actively pressure you to end the relationship, there might always be an awkward tension at gatherings or the dinner table.

    In more severe cases, one might have to choose between their partner and their family, and no one likes to do that. 

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    Just like single race marriages, mixed marriages will face challenges but the greatest advantage a mixed marriage can have is true love and commitment to each other. If the two of you work together, plan ahead and try to resolve any issues or differences which arise, nothing can prevent a happy union.

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