How to Buy a Diamond Ring

What could be a better gift than a diamond ring for your wife? Nothing is the answer. But buying a diamond is not as simple as it looks. It is a huge decision that goes far beyond the tradition or money. Men usually buy diamond rings for their wives. However, proposing your girlfriend with a diamond is not a bad idea at all, provided you can afford it.

Buying a diamond ring sometimes becomes a massive issue. Apart from the style, originality and affordability, there are several others factors involved. For example, a man who has experienced three divorces would never think of giving a diamond ring to his new girlfriend. After making your mind and tackling other relevant issues, come straight to the point.


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    Establish your budget

    Diamonds are expensive. So, first of all you must explore your options. Establish your budget based on your income. It is always better to tell the jeweller about your budget, so that he offers you something within your range. If you have already done the homework, you wouldn’t be much confused at the counter.

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    Learn about diamonds

    It is important to understand the four C's of diamonds, such as Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. By completely understanding these factors, you would feel more comfortable in making a decision.

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    Understand ring settings

    A ring involves many things apart from the diamond. For instance, one must keep a close look at the band, accent stones, and the prongs.

    Most diamond rings are set in gold, yellow or white. A few are also available in platinum. So, it is all up to you to decide which metal you want in your diamond ring. 18k is recommended if you are choosing gold.

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    Design your ring

    No matter how expensive the diamond is, your ring will look cheap if the design is not beautiful. Jewellers display rings without the diamond inside, which means you need to select both the ring and the diamond separately.

    It entirely depends on your choice, when it comes to choosing the design. Ask for help, and inquire about the latest styles. It is always better to research online and select a design before going to the shop.

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    Her ring size

    Diamonds rings are very expensive, and cannot be altered easily. Therefore, take exact size of your lady before going to the jeweller. If you have never bought a ring before and want to surprise her, secretly take the ring she mostly wears and press it into a soap to trace the outlines.

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