How to Get Possession of Your Automobile During a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult stages of a life that anyone can go through. Not to mention, the hardest part comes in when you not only have to part ways with your partner but custody of children and other important things. Therefore, you have to be vigilant during the divorce procedure as this will not only be the end of relationship but you will also be struggling for the stuff that you and your partner owned. Undoubtedly, it is of utmost importance that you should get possession of your automobile during a divorce.


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    Realise the need

    In order to claim the possession of your car, it is of considerable importance that you should understand how it is done. For this, you must make sure that you own the car and majority of the times you were the one who went to pay for the car instalments. Remember that if your spouse had visited the office to pay for the instalment there is a chance that you might face complications in claiming your right to own the vehicle.

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    Keep record

    It is strongly recommended that you should never throw a single document and keep track of every single thing. For this, you must not forget to keep the lease papers of your car and the receipt of payments that you made. It is necessary that you should avoid making cash payments and wire the money from your bank account to keep as much proof as possible.

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    Prove that you need the car

    In cases, where you and your spouse are the joint owners of a vehicle, you would have to prove to the court that you are more worthy and needy of this vehicle. For this, you would have to support your arguments with facts. You would have to convince the judge that you have a paying job and therefore you need the car most. If you are unemployed, then you should find a job as soon as possible. You can also present other arguments to court apart from the job. For instance, you can explain your needs that you have to go to the grocery stores to buy grocery. If any of your children has a medical condition and you have the custody then you can easily convince the judge by proving your point.

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