How to Decorate for a Ballroom Wedding

If you have decided to have your wedding in a ballroom, there are probably many queries in your mind. There are many decorations to choose from: types of decor, flowers, embellishments and adding to that you have to keep a budget in mind. There is no one best answer to these things and you have a variety of options to choose from. You can make the event highly formal or keep it casual.

Things Required:

– Dancing bride and groom figurines
– Black and white photo frames
– Family pictures
– Flowers
– Antiques
– Record player
– Old records
– Tall, green and white flower arrangements
– Silk sashes
– Small ballroom-themed trinkets or wedding favors
– Tall vases
– Archway (covered in balloons, flowers and sashes)
– Streamers and balloons


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    First you need to visit the place so that you have a clear picture of what you will be decorating. It will give you many ideas and options that will look good in the room. Then create an eye catching centerpiece. Buy bride and groom figurines, they can be found easily in the market and are reasonably priced. Also purchase some photo frames and put old family pictures in them which were taken at other weddings. Place the frames with a nice collection of flowers and some antique pieces.

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    Follow the same design for the reception table and the cake table. Make appealing flower arrangements and add generous touches of green and white in them. Create a formal look by adding silk sashes on the table. To add color, put some wedding favors or trinkets on the table. Add more flowers on the sides of the ball room in large vases; they will add color and also beautiful detail to the room. The flowers should be chosen according to the theme of the rest of the arrangements. Concrete vases are also available for rent and they add a very formal touch to the arrangements.

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    At the entrance spot, place an archway. This will act as an entrance to the grand decorated room. An archway can easily be created with simple wires. To make the archway presentable, decorate it with balloons, silk cloth and flowers. They should match with the other decorations. Also order a large supply of balloons and streamers to decorate other empty spaces and archways. If you have access to the rafters, put some streamers there. Make arches with them on all the walls. A ballroom wedding will be incomplete without balloons and streamers.

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