How to File for Divorce on Your Own

Marriage is a complex institution, and people who don’t or won’t compromise, can never make this work. The subsequent result comes in the form of a divorce.

In some cases, such a decision is taken when things go way out of control while in many cases it is taken before hand to prevent experiencing extreme cases. There are two types of divorces, one where both parties agree on parting ways and the second where one person cannot tolerate the other and attempts the same on his/her own. It is important that you should figure out the type of divorce you want. In case you want to file for a divorce on your own, follow the guideline given in this article.


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    Determine if you and your spouse agree on divorce or not

    The most important thing is to determine if both you and your spouse agree on filing for the divorce or not. If your spouse also understands the differences and is ready for the divorce, then you must talk to him/her in detail about the prominent disagreements that both of you have. You must start drafting all the differences as this will help you in future and will make it easier to file for the divorce. Cases where both partners agree on the divorce, require less time and the decision is made in a relatively quicker timeframe.

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    Prepare a list of differences

    If your spouse is not willing to file for the divorce, then you must prepare a list of the differences that both of you have had in the past. You must be very thorough and specific about the differences and make sure that these are worth considering for a decision as big as divorce.

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    Hire a lawyer or firm

    After you have jotted down all the points, you should hire a suitable independent lawyer or contact a firm that specialises in divorce cases. You must share the details of your case with the lawyer and ensure that he/she is capable enough to represent your case. You can estimate this by ensuring that the lawyer has a reasonable winning ratio in such cases.

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    Search for all pre-requisites and legal implications

    In every state, there are separate laws for child care, alimony, residency, grounds for divorce etc. Make sure that you understand them thoroughly before filing for the divorce.

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    Fill out the divorce forms

    After everything is in order, you must obtain the divorce application forms and start filling them out. If you need some extra information, you should contact the county clerk’s office. Here, you can obtain information about the fees and procedure. After you have filled out the complete form, you must submit it in the office.

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