How to Plan an Engagement Party at Home

Engagement parties are fun to arrange and if you are planning to arrange one at home, you should know that there are several things you will have do before the actual date of the event you have set.

First off, the main thing you will have to decide is the date you want to arrange your engagement party. Engagement parties are usually set keeping in mind the routine of your friends and family and special guests.  People these days do not want to spend too much money on booking a place; rather they try to arrange the event at home, which saves money and other expenses.


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    Make a guest list

    Making a guest list is one of the most important things in arranging an engagement party. You should make a list by asking groom and bride. Ask groom how many people he think will be attending the party and then the bride. Make a list by writing their names, as it will let you know who belongs to bride and who belongs to the groom. Do not forget to ask for general guests like friends, family (kids, parents, grandparents and siblings). This is very important, as it will help you arrange for food according to the number of people. If you are arranging food by a catering service, you can use the guest list to let the caterer know how much food should be prepared. Arranging engagement parties without knowing the actual number of guests often causes inconvenience as food may run out before it is served to everyone at the event.

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    Set a date

    Talk to the bride and groom and their family about what date should be chosen for the party.  If you can choose a date pretty early before the wedding, it is good as it will help you arrange other things on time. Engagement parties are usually held a year before the wedding ceremony. However, you can set a date according at your own convenience.

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    Send invitations

    Another important thing is sending invitations for the party. Since you are arranging the engagement party at home, contacting your invitees through phone is not a big deal. However, you can also use invitation cards to reach your guests. Use the list of guests to see how many cards you will need. You can order cards according to your schedule and design. Moreover, it is wise to use online sources such as email, social media networking.

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