How to Choose Wedding Flowers by Season

When deciding on your wedding flowers, choose blooms that are in season in your particular area as they will cost less and be available for your special day. There are many flowers to choose from depending on the season and you should let your emotions help you decide. While checking out various seasonal flowers, try to visiualise what they will look like during your wedding. If you want to choose wedding flowers by season then follow some simple techniques to ensure you get what you want for your wedding.


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    Spring wedding

    If you are marrying during the spring time, go for flowers that go according to the present season. Be aware of the fact that tulips provide awesome elegance and a great variety of colours. A few varieties like hyacinth provide you with fragrance as well as beauty. If you are going for a bold bouquet, pick hydrangeas. Make sure you know that they are available in a variety of different colours. Select the ones which you think are best for your wedding and the theme you have chosen.

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    Summer wedding

    In order to have a summer wedding, you need to be extremely careful in what you decide because a number of varieties have a limited shelf life. If you are planning for a simple and stylish wedding, just opt for sunflowers. Remember that carnations are in season and great for boutonnieres for the men. On the other hand, roses are perfect and marigold would provide a delightful elegant touch. In addition, summer time is not good for flowers especially if you have an outdoor wedding as direct exposure can harm the flowers and deform them.

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    Fall and winter season

    Fall season is an ideal time to have your wedding. The flowers in this season offer a wide variety that can suit all of your needs. For a fall wedding, go all out for an exotic look with the everlasting Alstroemeria. Lilies in different colours can be used along with a number of different kinds of orchids. Furthermore, in order to have a winter wedding, go for Gerbera daisies. Think about putting evergreens to a bouquet consisting of blooms like carnations and chrysanthemums. It is important to note to match your flower colour into all aspects of your wedding and try not to overspend.

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    Hire Professional

    If you are having some trouble picking the right flowers for your wedding then you can also hire a professional wedding planner that can handle everything for you. However, these planners are expensive so be prepared for that in advance.

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