How to Attend a Traditional Jewish Wedding

Marriages, world over, take place according to the cultural and religious traditions of that area. However, not a lot of people today believe in following religious rituals vigorously when it comes to marriages. Nevertheless, most of the Jewish couples try to have at least a moderately traditional marriage, in order to display their commitment to the Jewish lifestyle.

If you are a Jew, you would naturally be able to understand the rituals and traditions, but for a person belonging from any other religion, it may become very difficult to attend a Jewish wedding appropriately. In order to fully appreciate the fundamental aspects of a Jewish wedding, you should understand them properly.


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    Appropriate attire

    Dressing is always one of the crucial parts of your preparation for any wedding. Chances are high that you will get a small note about the attire with the invitation. Most of times, modest and conservative dressing is going to be required at a traditional Jewish wedding, especially for women, who would be expected to cover their bodies, at least from shoulders to knees.

    If you do not receive any intimation about the attire, you should consult someone who is familiar with the Jewish traditions.

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    Men and women to sit separately

    Depending on the religious observance of the bride and the groom, men and women are likely to pray and sit separately during the wedding. It is widely expected that the two genders will not have their meals or drinks jointly. Therefore, you should be mentally prepared not to sit alongside your partner or spouse during the wedding.

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    Do not hesitate to ask questions about the customs

    It is recommended that you do your homework before attending a traditional Jewish wedding, in order to prevent any kind of an embarrassment. However, if you face confusions during the ceremony, you should not feel shy about asking someone who is sitting close to you.

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    Entertain the couple

    In the Jewish culture, the guests are expected to entertain the bride and the groom through different means. Some of the guests bring different props like a funny hat to do the needful. However, you must consult the hosts if you are expected to bring your own props. You can entertain the couple by cracking a nice joke.

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    Be prepared to dance

    Guests may have to dance in a traditional Jewish wedding. Therefore, you should be mentally prepared to celebrate.

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