Top 10 Bizarre Wedding Customs in the World

A wedding ceremony in itself is an occasion that is full of joy and merry-making, as it involves the joining of two people in the sacred bonds of matrimony. However, it is the rituals, traditions and customs that are responsible for adding a heavy dose of excitement to the occasion.

While some wedding customs are pretty common and therefore regarded as normal, there are some customs that are quite unique and in fact rather bizarre. It is the bizarreness of these wedding customs that makes them so interesting, and thus, definitely worth learning about.


  • 1

    Men missing at wedding

    In Bali, it is the responsibility of the men to prepare the wedding meal and make other preparations, while the only thing that women have to worry about is getting dressed up and looking good at the wedding. As a result, it is rare to run into men during the wedding ceremony, as they are usually too exhausted to attend it.

  • 2

    Groom donning wife’s clothes

    In Kenya, tradition requires the groom to wear women's clothing for an entire month after the wedding day, in order to get a better understanding of women and their problems.

  • 3

    Unhygienic path to wedding

    In Pakistan, the bride is not allowed to shower for about a week prior to the wedding day, while the groom is not allowed to shave or get a hair-cut. They are not allowed to leave their houses either.

  • 4

    Marrying a beast

    In India, some girls are required to get married to a beast such as a dog first, before being allowed to get married to a man. The justification given for this custom is that it helps break the curse that some girls have on them.

  • 5

    Fat bride

    Even though men around the world prefer slim and smart women as their life partners, the same is not the case in Mauritania. It is believed that the amount of love a husband will give to his wife is directly proportional to the amount of fat on her body, which is why she is required to be fat at the time of marriage.

  • 6

    Party continues after wedding

    In France, the friends of the bride and groom continue to party outside the house of the newly-weds, with the sole intention of keeping the couple awake the entire night.

  • 7

    Swiping the groom’s shoes

    In Pakistan, the bride’s sisters and cousins try to swipe the groom’s shoes, and return it to him only after he agrees to pay them a certain amount of money.

  • 8

    Kissing bash

    In Sweden, if the bride or groom leave each other alone for even a minute during the wedding ceremony, they have to watch their spouse getting kissed by all the members of the opposite gender present at the wedding.

  • 9

    Butchering a chick

    Some areas in Inner Mongolia have a custom of allowing the bride and groom to fix their wedding date only after they cut off a chick’s throat and pull out its liver. The liver needs to be in good condition.

  • 10

    Tying the bride to a tree

    In order to make the bride tough and prepare her for the hardships of married life, a Scottish tradition involves showering her with disgusting things and then leaving her tied to a tree.

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