How to Transport a Wedding Cake Safely

Wedding cakes are large and extravagant. They even seem delicate at times. After the cake is completed, the task of delivering it in the same condition is a big step. It can even make the caterers a little worried. Sometimes cakes are in tiers or stacks and can fall out during transportation. They need to be handled with a lot of care. Here are some great tips on how to deliver your master piece is perfect condition to the wedding. So read on to avoid any accidents or mishaps.


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    First determine the type of icing the cake has. Some icing like butter cream melt quickly and need refrigeration. It should be made sure that the venue has a fridge. If it is hot weather, put dry ice in the container with the cake so that it doesn’t melt. If the venue is at a greater distance, make a more solid cake like red velvet so that it stays in shape. Also do not put on the delicate accessories during transportation. The cake jewellery should be quickly placed at the wedding site so that they don’t fall of. If the cake has multiple tiers, separate them during transportation. Put each one in its own box and assemble it together when you reach. The cake tiers might tumble while you are on your way. Make sure you reach well before time to do the assembling.

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    The bottom most layer of the cake should be attached to the board and make sure it is firm. Use frostings that stick so that you can seal it well. The board should be of a strong material like wood or cardboard. If you do not want to separate the cakes while transporting them, then create a structure that supports it. Some people make the use of dowels to keep the structure in shape. The use of butter cream can also stabilize the cake as it will stick the tiers together.

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    While transportation, make sure that the cake is on a level surface. As the seats of the car are a bit inclined, do not put it there. Bring the trunk area in use as it is flat. You should also drive carefully; avoid sharp turns, sudden breaks or rash driving. Drive steady and even at less speed than other cars when required. The last bit is to remove it very cautiously from the car. Open the sides of the box and then lift it for easy removal. Make sure the table is stable and strong.

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