How to Choose a Sensor for Your Home Security System

Choosing a sensor for your home security system is a daunting task but with right information about the true needs of your home, you can choose the right sensor. Motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke and heat detectors, glass-breaking detectors, door and window switches are part of home security sensors. In order to get maximum security, experts do not suggest that you should place all sensors at one time as they do not ensure that a home is secure, but it is the right strategic placement of specific sensors in every part of your home that is important.


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    Thorough inspection of home

    A proper survey of entire home is very important. Thorough inspection of inside and outside of your home will determine that where security lapses are. The experts will easily determine where the security loopholes are. The experts will then suggest to you as to where you need to put sensors. You also need to examine the proximity of your neighbors to your home. Survey the street in detail as well which will certainly help you in placing the sensors at more appropriate places. While surveying the street, make sure that how many passers-by observe security sensors. These little things add to the details and will help you provide maximum security.

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    Deciding specific doors and windows for placing sensors

    Determine carefully as to which doors and windows are more suitable for placing security sensors. Those windows and doors which are not in view from the street, you should place security sensors there as it will help you both ways regarding checking and monitoring sensors.

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    Family lifestyle matters

    Your family lifestyle matters a lot in placing security sensors at the right places. If you have a pet or your family goes out often at night, these things are very essential to choose the right sensors for your home.

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    Door switches to cover the entry doors

    Selecting door switches to cover enough doors as security sensors. If a door is opened by someone who is coming without the permission of owner, the door switch will break the magnetic circuit and the security system will be tripped.

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    Using glass-breaking detectors for some rooms

    You can also use glass breaking detectors for some rooms for limiting the sensors range and to let you know if someone is breaking a window to try and get inside.

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    Using motion sensor to cover the stairway

    To protect your stairway, you can use motion sensor to cover it. This will alert you to any possible person climbing up on the stairs at night.

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