How to Choose a TESOL Certificate Program

English is truly a global language. No matter which part of the world you go to, you will find someone who can speak the language and help you. It’s a great means of communication and if you can understand, speak and write well in English, you have many opportunities the world over.

Many countries are now realising the importance of having strong skills in English and are emphasising upon their youth to learn the global language. Those who can teach it are most certainly in demand and those with superior skills can make top dollar for their services.

However, there must be a yard stick to have at least some idea of the abilities of a person who seeks employment as someone who wants to teach the language. There is a solution to this dilemma now. The solution is the standard, international qualification for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) also referred to as Teaching English Foreign Language (TEFL).

Acquiring a TESOL/TEFL opens many corridors of opportunities for you as you can take up teaching English anywhere in the world. It provides your perspective employer with the knowledge that you have at least a minimum level of skill when it comes to teaching English. There are many ways you can get a TESOL Certificate.


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    Online TESOL

    You can do your TESOL Certificate online. The material will be delivered to you online and you will be able to study for the test on your own pace and take the exam as you please. This does have the disadvantage of missing the class environment and a teacher is not physically present to answer your query right away and you will have to wait for a reply via email.

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    You can also attend classes for TESOL as these are offered by various institutions. You will have the advantage of being able to interact with a teacher and with peers if you have a query, you can get an answer right there and then. Make sure that the institution that you take an admission in is accredited.

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    Local Colleges

    Your best bet to get the ideal teaching will be at a local college or a university that offers the program. They will have a qualified and experienced faculty and will be better equipped to prepare you for the test. You are likely going to do better at the test after taking your class in a thoroughly professional setting.

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