How to Find Free CNA Training

Working at a hospital may be your passion and you may want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). There are numerous institutes out there which provide CNA training to help you pass the CNA exam. In most cases, CNA training institutes will require you to pay a certain fee for the training course. However, there are ways and institutes where you can get free CNA training.


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    Establish if you are eligible for CNA training or not. In order to qualify for a CNA course, you must:

    Be 18 years old or above.

    Be a legal US citizen or green-card holder.

    Be able to read, write and speak 6th grade English.

    Have a clean criminal record.

    Be able to lift a 200 pound patient.

    Be companionate to work as a CNA.

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    You need to realise a basic fact. There is nothing free in this world. There are institutes which will not charge you for CNA training in cash but you will have to pay them in a different form such as serving for a certain period of time in the institute after you have completed the CNA training course.

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    There are many hospitals or nursing homes which will give you free CNA training. All you need to do in return is to work at the hospital or nursing home for free, at least for the duration of your CNA training course. Browse the internet for a list of such hospitals or nursing homes. Contact them and discuss the terms and conditions for a free CNA training course.

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    Department of Public Health in most states funds CNA scholarship programs. Although you will be enrolling for a paid CNA course, but if you are eligible for the scholarship, the state’s Department of Public Health will take care of the costs involved. If you get a CNA scholarship, you may not have to pay for books or other necessary training equipment.

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    If you are a spouse of military personnel, getting CNA training for free is very easy for you because the Air Force Aid Society will be bearing the costs involved under the Air Force Aid Society Spouse Employment Program.

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