How to Learn Driving In One Week

Learning how to drive can be a difficult and challenging experience if you are intimidated or nervous about handling a motor vehicle in traffic. Being able to drive gives you a tremendous sense of freedom and mobility. However, learning to drive is a privilege. If you are desperate to learn how to drive in one week then there are some basic guidelines that you should follow to make it easy. Please remember to follow all of the driving rules and restrictions that apply to your particular area before learning how to drive.


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    Learn driving rules:

    It is very important to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and get a driver’s training handbook. This is usually given out for free to anyone who wants to learn about all the rules and regulations you should study before taking any sort of driving test. Be sure to get the latest handbook as it will have all the newest updates to any particular driving rule.

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    Take drivers training course:

    You can find many different drivers training courses being offered in your area. Call or visit them to find out the cost and details of their training course. These courses are usually reasonably priced and the best part is that you can schedule them around your busy timings.

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    Drive with friends:

    Ask a friend or family member that has some time and find an empty lot or road that does not have any traffic to practice driving. Do this for the first two days to get used to your car. Have your friend teach you the different tips and tricks that you will need to handle a car on the road. Learn as much as you can as driving with a friend will give you the best experience to help you start driving in one week.

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    Drive in the city:

    Once you have gotten some experience driving then move your lessons to the city. Here you will encounter traffic and all different types of obstacles that you will need to understand before being able to fully drive around on your own. Be sure to drive around the city with a friend for at least two days.

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    Drive on the highway:

    After learning how to cope with city traffic, start learning how to drive on busy highways and freeways. Here you will learn how to merge into traffic and change lanes while keeping a constant rate of speed. Continue this highway driving lesson for two days as well.

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