How to Choose Fragrant Flowers

People often make the mistake of believing that all flowers are fragrant, and thus they buy flowers based on their appearances alone; more often than not, this leads to disappointment, as they realise that the flower is nothing more than a pretty face.

If you are looking to buy flowers that are fragrant, along with being beautiful, you should bear in mind that what you are after is the family of flowers that bears the scientific name ‘odorata’ or ‘odoratus’ – these are the fragrant flowers. Just like any other species, fragrant flowers are available in a wide variety, so you are bound to have lots of options to choose from. For this, you can seek opinions from a worker at a nursery, or you can even discuss the matter with your friends and family members.


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    Use the internet

    In order to make a list of fragrant flowers or a particular family of flowers that suits your interests, you must do a little research on the internet. You can use the search engine of your choice and type in the words ‘fragrant flowers’, ‘heirloom’ or ‘fragrant plants’. The search results will show you a variety of flowers along with their names and images, from which you can choose whatever suits your interests and taste. In order to be more specific, you should use the word ‘odorata’ in your search, as this is a scientific name for fragrant plants, and will point you towards all the right species.

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    Visit different nurseries

    After you have carried out the search, you must go to your nearest nurseries, as the people over there will be able to provide you expert guidance. With their years of experience, you will be able to find out which flowers smell the best, and distinguish between the flowers that should be kept outside and the ones that should be placed inside.

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    Fragrant flowers are either white or pale coloured

    In order to sharpen your sense of judgment, you must keep in mind that fragrant flowers are usually either white or pale-coloured. If you want to know the scientific reason for that, you can consult your botany books or you can do a little digging on the internet. In order to reproduce, plants require birds to pollinate the blossoms and these birds are only attracted to plants with sharp colours or with powerful fragrances. Flowers that are purple or mauve-coloured also tend to have a scent, although this is relatively light in nature. Tube roses are a particularly popular fragrant flower, with a thick texture and a strong scent.

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    Decide if you want to buy night scent flowers

    There is a variety of night scent flowers, that only exude scent during and after the evening. Typical examples of these include four-o’clocks, flowering tobacco, and night-scented stock.

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