How to Seed a Lawn

A well maintained lawn is your first introduction to guests. It is not just the admiration you gain, it is the luxury of  enjoying lush green carpet underneath your feet. You can seed your grass yourself if you want to improve the current one or start growing from scratch.  The process is simple, easy and an interesting one because you will be witnessing the growth of something marvelous. You can seed your lawn in both spring and in autumn. By the same time next year you will be able to enjoy the beauty of a great lawn. Have a look at what our step by step guide has to offer:

Things required:

– Rake or till
– Topsoil
– Starter fertilizer
– Grass seed
– Peat moss
– Water
– Fertilizer


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    Till the soil:

    You need to loosen up the top layer of your soil to sow the seeds. Use a rake to do that.Till up to a depth of three inches. Clear away all the stone  and rocks that come your way so that there are no obstacles in the way. The better you prepare the ground, the more chances you have of growing fine grass.

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    Topsoil and see sowing:

    Topsoil is needed to ensure that you provide a fertile base for the lawn to grow well. Use a shovel to apply a layer of topsoil over the ground. Add fertilizer to the top soil for optimal lawn growth using the rake. You can also add compost at this stage. Use your hands to sprinkle grass seeds over the ground. Use a rake to mix over the soil so that seeds are covered.

    It is advisable to cover the lawn with peat moss so that birds do not pick at the seeds. Even strong wind can blow away seeds at times.

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    As soon as you sow the seeds, water the lawn. Water with breaks to avoid puddles and allow maximum penetration. Water until you are sure that it has penetrated up to six inches. Do this daily for two weeks regularly. Watering early morning is preferred. When the grass appears and grows up to an inch, start watering once every three days.

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    Apply fertilizer to your grass six weeks after it sprouts. The fertilizer will ensure healthy growth of the grass. The contents of the fertilizer depend on the nature of your grass.

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