How to Clean a Carpet

Covering floors with carpets is one of those never fading traditions that are found in every culture. Carpets not only give a luxurious look to a room but also makes the floor non slippery. Carpets also cover worn out floors, giving your room the same fine appeal but when these carpets get grubby they almost cut down the cost of being used. Therefore carpets should be used with caution and care so that they won’t get worn out quickly but once they get dirty they require an extensive cleansing session.
There might be many spots of dirt on the carpet that requires heavy soiling. A good cleaning solution is all what you need to clean the carpets at home without spending money.
Below is a step by step guide that will help you clean your carpets.

Things Required:

– Liquid Soap
– Sprinkler containing water
– Bucket with warm water
– 1 small brush
– 2 cotton cloths
– Sponge
– Spray bottles


  • 1

    Preparing the cleaning solution:

    In a bucket full of warm water add some vegetable oil base liquid soap in the ratio 4:1. Now whip this solution thoroughly into lather. Once prepared, add this solution into a spraying bottle.

  • 2

    Applying vacuum cleaner:

    Spread the carpet on a smooth area. Now apply vacuum cleaner over the carpet to remove dust and dirt from the surface.

  • 3

    Color fastness test:

    Now identify that portion of the carpet which is out of sight and use this portion to test the solution if it makes the carpet bleed its colors.

  • 4

    Cleaning the carpets:

    Once it’s certain that the solution is color safe, the next step is to identify the areas where there are stains and spots. Make sure that you have the solution spray bottle and water sprinkler under your hand. Now sprinkle water on the stains until the carpet gets wet. Now with the help of spraying bottle, spray the solution on the stained areas. With a cotton cloth rub those areas in circular moves. If the stains are deep, then use a brush instead of a cotton cloth.

  • 5


    Once the stains are gone, pat dry the wet portions with a sponge until no water comes out. You may also leave it in the sun to dry.

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