How to Clean Lice off Clothes

Many people especially kids face head lice infestation which not only affect their hair but also put them in front of other dangerous infections. Though, getting rid of lice is not a difficult task as any anti-lice shampoo can do the trick but it has been observed that they come back after some time.

Did you ever think why and from where they come back? Well, the answer is that lack of cleanliness helps them to survive so it is very important to ensure that lice are truly out of your household especially from clothes.


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    Wash your clothes properly:

    The simplest and most effective way to clean lice off clothes is washing. You should wash your clothes properly and regularly. It is better to use hot water as lice won’t be able to survive after this process. Moreover, this boiling water will also wipe out all the chances of their reproduction.

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    Dry your clothes under the Sun:

    You should dry your clothes under the sun in some wide open space. There is a probability that lice eggs will remain on your clothes despite washing them. Putting them under the sun will end any life in the eggs. You may use dryer for this purpose however you will have to dry them on maximum heat.

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    Iron immediately after drying:

    Iron your clothes after using the dryer. This will completely finish any chances of fertilisation. However, be careful while ironing as some fabrics are not recommended for this.

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    Dry clean:

    If you have some clothes that can’t be washed then ask your nearest dry cleaner to pass them through the cleaning plant.

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    Though, it sounds ridiculous to put clothes in a freezer but if you are unable to wash or dry clean them then it is an effective way to clean lice off clothes.

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    Seal them in a plastic bag:

    Another way to get rid of lice is to seal your clothes in a plastic bag for at least 14 days. You can also put them in a dryer and let the machine work for half an hour.

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    Wash other items:

    It is not necessary that your clothes are the only carrier of lice rather it can be any fabric item. For example, your bed sheets that you sleep on every night, blankets or even the curtains of your room.

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