How to Wash Clothes by Hand Quickly

It is said that clothes are damaged if you wash them in the washing machine too often. The fabric can be adversely affected by the thorough cleaning the washing machine imparts, and many experts advise that clothes be washed by hand as often as possible, so that they remain new. While it might sound tough, it is an extremely simple process and a little hard work can save clothes from being damaged. Soaking the clothes for some time in the start is vital, as this helps loosen up the stains.

Things required:

– Sink or  tub
– Detergent
– Sink plug
– Cold water
– Hanger or a rack


  • 1

    Fill your sink with water

    First of all, plug your sink and fill it with water. You need to make sure the water is cold as hot water may damage the clothes. The sink should be just more than half full, because the volume of the water will increase when you add clothes. If the sink is full and you add clothes, the water will overflow.

  • 2

    Add detergent

    Add about ¼ cup of detergent to the sink and mix it nicely so that the detergent is well combined. After adding the detergent, you must add the clothes to the sink. Add clothes one by one and make sure they are totally immersed in the water.

  • 3

    Soak the clothes

    Leave the clothes in the water for a good 15 minutes so that the detergent thoroughly permeates the clothes. The stains will be easier to remove when you soak the clothes for a while.

  • 4

    Rub the clothes by hand

    Next, you need to take all the clothes one at a time and rub them thoroughly. If you see any stains, rub them gently until they are removed.

  • 5

    Drain the water and rinse the clothes

    Remove the plug from the sink so that the water is drained while leaving the clothes inside the sink. Now open the tap and rinse the clothes with clean water. It could take up to three rinses before the soap is totally removed from the clothes.

  • 6

    Dry the clothes

    You can hang the clothes on a rack or place them in the washing machine drier to dry them.

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