How to Get Hair Shampoo Out Of Carpets

Hair shampoo is the most difficult thing to get out of a carpet. If you leave it for a while, it will dry up and make the carpet feel waxy and unpleasant to touch. So wash out the shampoo the minute it spills on your carpet. The process is quite difficult and unpleasant as well, but you do not have an alternative. The most commonly used method is to wash it out, although you might find some liquid that can claim to take out all spills out of the carpets, but their end results are not 100 percent.


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    Wiping Out

    As soon as you drop hair shampoo on the carpet, clean or wipe it out with a soft clean cloth. Leaving it for a longer run will dry the shampoo and then it is difficult to wipe it out. Although you will not be able to wipe out the entire quantity of the shampoo out of the carpet, take out as much as you can and then try the washing option. Washing without wiping will make the shampoo make foam in a larger quantity and you will need a larger quantity of water to wash it out. Too much water is not good for the carpet.

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    Cleansing With Water

    After wiping out the shampoo up to a maximum extent, pore a small quantity of water on the carpet on the shampoo area. Do not pore too much water as it can damage the carpet. Make sure to use enough water that it dilutes the entire quantity of shampoo.

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    Drying of Water

    After pouring water on the carpet, dry it out with a soft dry cloth. It will suck bolts and suds of the water with shampoo in, from the carpet. Repeat the process until the cloth sucks all the water out of the carpet. If you feel some amount of shampoo is still left on the carpet, pore a small amount of water again on the carpet, and then dry it up with cloth. When you are sure that the carpet is cleansed now, there is no shampoo left on the carpet, let the carpet dry. This will almost take the entire amount of shampoo of the carpet, and feel as good as before. For quick drying the carpet, you can use a small fan or even a hair dryer.

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