How to Keep Up With Laundry

For most people who work and have kids usually find themselves buried under a mountain of dirty clothes by the end of the week. Laundry is a daunting chore as different clothes require various methods of cleaning. Having to separate everything and wash them differently can be a real waste of valuable time. If you are looking to keep up with the laundry in your house then there are few simple easy to follow methods that you can use to help you climb out from that pile of dirty clothes.


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    Keep hamper in each room:

    Keep a hamper in each room and tell your kids to put their dirty clothes in it whenever they can. Always remember that picking clothes up from the floor can be time consuming and having everything in one place like a plastic hamper can save you a bundle of time.

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    Separate clothes:

    Try to separate clothes as quickly and effectively as possible. This is the worst part of doing the laundry, but you should learn to accept it and streamline your efforts. Make separate piles of different clothes to help you stay organised.

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    Start laundry early:

    Try to do the laundry as early as possible. Preferably right after you wake up before having breakfast, put a load of laundry in the washer. Hopefully, depending on the type of washing machine you have it should only take a little under half an hour to complete the first load.

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    Wash heavy items first:

    Remember to wash heavy items first so that you can take the time to organise the next load that you will have to do. By washing heavy items like towels and sheets first can definitely help you stay on top of the laundry.

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    Dedicate time:

    You should dedicate a certain amount of hours towards clearing the laundry. It sounds painful but it is necessary. Be sure to do as much laundry in given time that you have set aside.

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    Stay calm:

    Getting stressed out over laundry will only slow you down and prevent you from doing it. Remember to stay relaxed and take your time washing, drying and folding the clothes. You might even start to find the exercise therapeutic.

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    Provide distractions:

    Listen to music or watch television while the laundry is being done. This will help distract your mind on the total amount of laundry that you will have to complete during the day. Remember while one load is being washed you usually have time that you can use to relax for a bit before starting the next one.

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