How to Clean House Like a Gypsy

Have you ever wondered how gypsies clean their house? If so, you should know that gypsies are known for keeping their house all spruced up all the time, and they do it so religiously that it has become one of their trademarks. Gypsies are travellers and they do not live at one place permanently. Given their life style, they have developed a unique culture and norms, and the outside world still sees them as strangers.

Gypsy women are supposed to do all the household work. They are not allowed to work outside or find a job. So their whole focus is on keeping the house in order, which typically includes raising children, cooking, cleaning and other household tasks.

How to Clean Your Own House …


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    Regular cleaning

    Regular cleaning means cleaning the house on a day-to-day basis, which includes sweeping and dusting. Although gypsies usually live in no-frills caravans to keep travelling from place to place with ease, cleaning the house with care and giving it a shiny look on a daily basis is mandatory for them, and is essential if you want to clean house like a gypsy too.

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    Clean the kitchen

    The kitchen is the most important portion of your house and if it is not clean, it can make your entire house look like a dump. Take care of all the appliances in the kitchen. Appliances and the kitchen floor should be given some extra cleaning time, as frequent use makes them look dirty. Sanitize the sink and clean all the counters by using any cleaning solution. Clean the stove top, which usually attracts germs and leftovers each time you cook a meal. The microwave interior is also very important, and most people do not clean it on a regular basis. Dust the interiors and exteriors of cabinets as they allow pests space to live if not cleaned on a regular basis. Mop the floor thoroughly and clean all the tables and chairs used in the kitchen.

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    Clean bathrooms on a regular basis

    Bathrooms can make your house look bad if they are a mess all the time. Take care of your bathrooms and clean them on a regular basis. Clean all the sinks and taps with some cleaning solution. The mirror in the bathroom needs cleaning just about every day, so pay attention to it. Clean the toilet with special cleaning formulas.

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    Sweep all floors

    Your floors should be cleaned regularly. If it is wooden floor, you can sweep and mop it. For carpeted flooring, a vacuum cleaner is a good option.

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    Do a deep cleaning once a week

    Deep-clean your house once a week. Deep cleaning will require more than just regular cleaning as you should take care of everything, from the walls and roof to the doors and windows.

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