How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a metal that is used to make different types of jewelry because of its beautiful look. You may have sterling silver necklace, pendants, bracelets or rings in your jewelry box that you haven’t touched for long just because they all have turned black! But there is one way you can bring all your jewelry back and new! You can do this is by using a super easy method of cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with aluminum foil and baking soda!

The story behind this sudden change in color of sterling silver jewelry is not long! As we all know that sterling silver is an alloy and what happens with our jewelry is that it gets oxidized when exposed to air. And this is the time we ask ourselves why it is turning black? Well the answer is pretty simple the oxidization is caused by a chemical reaction with sulfur. But you can always bring back the luster and shine of your jewelry with our step by step guide.  In our sterling silver cleaning recipe, the aluminum foil and baking soda will act against all that oxidization process leaving the jewelry clean and free of tarnish. So let us see how to achieve this:

Things Required:
-1 Aluminum foil sheet
-1/2 cup Baking Soda
-1 Dish
-2 glasses Water
-Cotton Cloth
-Sterling Silver Jewelry


  • 1

    Firstly take 2 glasses of water in a sauce pan and put it on flame to let the water boil.

  • 2

    In the meanwhile take an aluminum foil of medium size and spread it in a small dish.

  • 3

    Place your sterling silver jewelry in the dish with aluminum foil. Now dust the stated amount of baking soda on it. Make sure that no region is left out.

  • 4

    By this time the water will be almost boiled so pour it over your sterling silver jewelry. You will notice that the jewelry is regaining its luster gradually.

  • 5

    Next rinse your jewelry thoroughly under the sink dispenser.

  • 6

    Finally pat dry your sterling silver jewelry gently with a cotton cloth.

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