How to Clean the Guitar Before Re-Stringing

Do you want to clean your guitar before you change your strings? It’s a simple task. Even though many believe that with the strings in the way it might be a problem for you to clean it, it is not actually very difficult.

The easiest way to maintain your guitar is through cleaning. You should always clean your guitar on a daily basis. Therefore, every time you feel that your guitar is unclean, you should always move forward and clean it. Always remove the dirt and grime from the top of your guitar so that it can remain smooth and shiny at all times.


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    Dust is a part of the environment around you. There are dust particles everywhere and there is just no way out of things when it comes down to you trying to get rid of the dust which sits on your guitar every day. The simple dust can be removed easily from your guitar through a dry cloth or even a feather duster, which can get into places where your hands can’t reach. However, when dust mixes up with oils, it becomes grime. It sticks to each and every surface and makes things difficult for you as it is extremely noticeable.

    Mostly, the oils which the dust catches come through your fingers. Whenever you play the guitar, these oils settle on the guitar strings and make up a grimy surface. Hence, whenever the grime settles on the strings, it makes the strings wear-out quickly. Moreover, the same grime can also become a part of the fingerboard overtime.

    The best way in which you can get rid of this problem is through wiping off the guitar strings each and every time you are done playing your guitar. Good guitar players suggest chamois as the best material to wipe the strings of your guitar. Try to use a cloth whenever you plan on wiping your guitar strings.

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    Once you are done with cleaning the strings, it is time for you to clean the wood. You have to start off by blowing a little on top of the guitar so that the unsettled dust particles can be blown off without you touching them. The ones which have settled in, you can always use a paintbrush or even a toothbrush to wipe them off. Moreover, always try to keep the brush inside your guitar case.

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    The hardware involves a lot of technical things. You can never mess with the hardware whenever it comes down to cleaning it with either wet cloth, or anything that is on your mind at the moment. It’s only dust; therefore, never involve water when it comes down to cleaning the hardware. Always go for polish. It will not only remove the greasy residue on top of your guitar; in fact, it will also make the hardware shiny and make it look new.

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