How to Clean Cigarette Smoke Off Walls & Ceilings

Smoke stains look bad on the walls or ceilings of your house. You do not have to call the painting team to colour the wall again as there are ways through which you can clean the stains yourself. You just need ammonia, white vinegar and a little bit of dish detergent. Add them all together and use this combination to clean the walls with the help of a mop or sponge. It is also extremely important to take safety precautions before you start doing your work.

Things required:

– White vinegar
– Ammonia
– Dish detergent


  • 1

    Combine ammonia, vinegar and detergent

    First of all, combine a part of the white vinegar, one part of the ammonia and approximately two teaspoons of dish detergent together. Use a small tub or bucket for this purpose and make sure all the ingredients are well combined before you start your work.

  • 2

    Take safety precautions

    It is extremely important to ensure safety before you start cleaning the walls. You must wear gloves and goggles so that you are safe from the toxic fumes generated from the combination of the ammonia and vinegar. Also, place plastic sheets or towels on the ground so that the liquid does not harm your carpet and to ensure everything remains clean.

  • 3

    Clean the walls with a mop

    Place a mop in the small tub or the bucket that contains the mixture and wring out the excess liquid from it. Use the mop to clean the cigarette stains from the walls. Make sure you do not use too much liquid and do not rub the mop repeatedly in one place. Start from the centre of the stain and go in circular motions from there.

  • 4

    Dry the walls

    When you have used the mop on the stain, use a dry towel to carefully dry the wall so that the liquid does not damage the floor or the remaining wall. Do not rub the towel as that may stain the wall so that best way is to place the towel on the wet area so that it sucks the liquid.

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