How to Get Rid Of Carpet Dents

Some people are very much selective while choosing a carpet for their house or office and hardly care about the expense involved. However, sometimes when the house or office furniture is to be shifted or just setting is to be changed, some awful dents and depressions are found on carpet. These dents make the carpet look quite untidy and you may feel like changing or discarding it or else not changing the setting just because it will look too odd.

You will be surprised to know that these dents are nothing to be worried about and you can get rid of them in no time at all. This will hardly take a few minutes of your time getting rid of the carpet dents.


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    Locate the Dents

    First of all locate all the dents that have been created by furniture on your carpet as it is not easy to treat the dents and move furniture every now and then.

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    Rubbing dented area with brush

    Now either with your fingers or a brush, thoroughly rub the dented area so as to fluff up the fibers. Rubbing will make the fibers loose and will bring them into the original form.

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    Using Hairdryer on Carpet Dents

    Now if your carpet contains acrylic or modacrylic then use a simple hairdryer on the dents. As you will blow the hairdryer on the dents, it will have the fibers fluffed up in to the original form.

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    Ice cubes and Vacuum

    Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of carpet dents is by using ice cubes. Simply put some ice cubes on the dented areas and allow the ice to melt. Once the ice has melted run the vacuum cleaner on the affected area. The vacuum will pull the fibers of carpet and have them erected into the normal position.

  • 5

    Wet towel and iron

    If you do not have vacuum cleaner available in your house then you can use a wet terry towel and iron for the same purpose. Put a wet terry towel on the carpet dents and move a preheated iron over it. Leave the towel to dry itself. As you will remove the towel you will see that dents are gone.

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