Top 10 Best Selling Laundry Detergent Powders in World

People are usually not satisfied with the detergent they use and are constantly changing it. Housewives keep searching for a detergent that not only cleans but smells fresh. It is hard to find the right detergent as people are flooded with so many advertisements that confusion sets in. There are many different laundry detergent powders on the market and most are quite effective in removing dirt and stains from clothing. If you are still unsure of which detergent is best for you then take a glance at the top ten best selling laundry detergent powders in the world for some help.


  • 1

    Ultra Tide Plus Bleach Powder

    Everyone know about Tide. It is available in powder and liquid form. One of the new varieties in the market is Ultra Tide Plus. It is effective and also makes white clothes appear newer then before. One container of the detergent washes around 53 pieces. The bleach does not affect coloured clothes.

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  • 2

    Method Laundry Detergent

    This effective cleaner comes in a small compact bottle which is easy to use. The enzymes in the powder break down the dirt particles and thoroughly clean your clothes. It washes 32 pieces with one bottle. The sweet smell of the detergent stays in your clothes and gives them a fresh effect. It is also 95 percent natural and eco friendly.

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  • 3

    All Small and Mighty

    It is affordable and also comes in smaller sizes. A small amount can be used for a large wash. This detergent is highly concentrated so a very small amount is effective. The bottle is easy to handle.

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  • 4

    Gain Joyful Expressions Laundry Detergent

    The detergents sweet smell is enough to compel you to buy it. It is effective and has a reasonable price. There are different scents available and you can choose the fragrance you like.

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  • 5

    Purex Complete 3 in 1

    This is a very simple solution to your dirty clothes. It is a flexible sheet which is thrown into the washing machine and it contains softener, soap and anti-static solutions in one. There is no need to measure the amount or the risk of spilling.

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  • 6

    Cheer TrueFit Laundry Detergent

    It has a unique formula which allows the fibres of clothes to stay in their original shape. This way your favourite dress or sweater can retain its shape.

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  • 7

    Target’s Up & Up 2X HE liquid

    It promises that white clothes get whiter even though there is no bleach in the formula. It is not recommended for leather or silk washing. The detergent does not have any sort of smell.

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  • 8

    Essential oil-scented Caldrea

    The liquid detergent comes in a white glazed bottle so that the scent does not leave the bottle. The detergent is mild but is not less effective than other detergents in any way. They are known for their scent. As there are no phosphates in the formula, it’s good for the skin.

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  • 9

    Ecover Laundry Powder Zero

    There is no fragrance in the powder and also lacks any sort of colouring agents or dyes so it is not harmful to the skin. It has mineral and plant based ingredients and is very effective.

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  • 10

    Gain Original

    Gain is effective in cold water. It is a scented liquid and has powerful dirt removing abilities. It can also be used in small amounts and can wash a large number of clothes. It comes in various lovely fragrances.

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