How to Clean Your Car Properly

Of course you need to keep your car perfectly clean at all times. A clean car not only gives a great feel during driving, but also reflects your personality. The best way you can keep your car looking great, is to clean it by hand.

Things Required:

– Buckets
– Quality car wash product (Meguiars, AutoGlym or Poorboys)
– Wash Mitt or Sponge
– Microfiber towel
– Car Clay Bar
– Car polish


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    Start by washing your car with water to clear any dirt present on the car’s body.

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    Mix a quality car wash product such as Meguiars, AutoGlym or Poorboys in a bucket full of water. Now with a wash mitt dipped in the wash mixture, start rubbing the car’s body. Continue to rub in circular motions until you have covered every inch. You may use a sponge for this purpose. But prefer a wash mitt because a sponge may collect grains of dirt and when you rub it across the car’s body, it may leave minute scratches which will ruin the paintwork.

    Thoroughly clean the wheels as well using a different wash mitt dipped in the wash mixture.

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    Wash the car again using a hose or multiple buckets of water. Keep rinsing the car body with water until all the wash mixture has been washed away.

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    Now you need to dry the paintwork. Thoroughly wipe the car’s body with a microfiber towel. Remember to dry the wheels as well but use a different microfiber towel for the purpose.

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    Although you would have gone into great detail while washing the car, some of the road dirt, bird droppings and tree sap may not have gone away. To get rid of these contaminants, you need to use a car clay bar.

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    To finish things off, apply car polish using an applicator pad in smooth circular motions. When the polish dries, buff the paintwork with a microfiber towel until the shine is uniform.

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