How to Clean Your Nubra

Unlike other bras, NuBra has no stripes to hold off and silicone gel is used as an adhesive to attach it to the skin. This is the prime reason why the manufacturer of NuBra demands that it should be cleaned carefully after each use. Most importantly, in order to enjoy NuBra for an extended period of time, the user must clean it gently after each use to get rid of the gel or other bodily oils. Not to mention, using a machine washer for NuBra is strictly prohibited and it should be cleaned with hands.


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    Do not use machine

    You must never put your NuBra in a washing machine as it can de-shape it and shorter its life. In order to clean your NuBra, the owner must wash it with bare hands.

  • 2

    Hold one bra cup

    You must make sure that warm water is available for cleaning purposes. You can use a bowl filled with warm water and add some soap to it to ensure the proper cleaning of your NuBra. Do not forget to keep a clean piece of cloth for washing your NuBra. After everything is available at the arms length, you must hold one bra cup in the palm of your hand. Now you must dip the cloth into warm water and start applying it to the adhesive (inner) side of the bra. You must apply it gently and keep doing it until you are certain that it has been cleaned properly.

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    Hold the other bra cup

    After you have cleaned one bra cup, you must now place the other bra cup in the palm of your hand and repeat the same. Remember that, you should apply the cloth gently and do not try to apply pressure.

  • 4

    Use scrub

    In order to ensure up to the mark cleaning of your NuBra, you must apply scrub to the inner side of your both bra cups. It is strongly suggested that you apply scrub in a circular motion with your other hand.

  • 5

    Place bra cups under warm water

    After you have cleaned both bra cups, you must leave them under running warm water to make sure that all of the soap has been washed away. Do not forget to get rid of the extra water by shaking your NuBra.

  • 6

    Let it dry

    Now you must place your NuBra in the tray provided to you at the time of purchase and let it completely dry for the next use.

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