How to Clean Light Colored Wood Furniture

Unlike dark colored wood furniture, furniture of light shade can look very dingy and dull if not cleaned properly. Dark colored furniture has more life than light colored furniture and does not need a lot of cleaning because of their dark shade. However, when it comes to light color furniture, you need to clean it regularly if you want to avoid permanent spots on your furniture.

The good thing about light colored furniture is that cleaning it is not very tough. You can do it without much effort and all you need is basic skills and knowledge of how to manage wood furniture. The cleaning process of such type of furniture is identical to any other type of furniture but the only problem with light colored wood furniture is that you have to take extra care of it and it needs to be cleaned regularly.


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    The first thing you need to keep in mind while cleaning light colored wood furniture is stay as far as possible from commercial waxes and oil. These products claim to be the best in the business but they can harm the furniture to great extent. Such products will add shine to your furniture for sure but it won’t last long and your furniture will look dirtier than before within few months.

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    Before you start the cleaning process, thoroughly remove the dirt from furniture. You can even use a mixture that can easily be prepared at home. Simply mix one part vinegar, one part turpentine and two parts linseed oil and this will work as your very own furniture wax. Gently apply this mixture to your furniture using a brush and it would be better if you do the cleaning process outside, under the sun.

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    Before applying the mixture to entire furniture, it would be a better idea to use it on a small hidden spot on the light colored furniture. After seeing the result, you can decide whether to continue with the same mixture or if it needs some additions.

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    One thing you need to keep in mind that cleaning process will lighten the color of the wood which isn’t entirely a bad thing. Since your furniture is light colored, this will give it a more natural look by removing the layers of dirt from the furniture. Once the cleaning process is done, allow the wood to dry and wait for a few hours. After that you will see a massive change in the outlook of your furniture.

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