How to Wash Stuffed Animals

It is important to keep stuffed animals clean from your child’s health perspective. Stuffed animals easy accumulate dust which can eventually result in allergic infections.

Washing a stuffed animal should be done very carefully because if you wash it the wrong way, you will probably end up damaging the toy.

Things Required:

– Zippered pillowcase
– Gentle laundry detergent
– Scrub brush
– Washing machine
– Dryer


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    Spot-cleaning is the best way to clean stuffed animals. Dip a scrub brush in water and apply a small quantity of gentle laundry detergent to it. Very gently scrub the stuffed animal you are attempting to clean with this scrub brush.

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    Spot-cleaning might not be enough to properly clean the stuffed animal. In this case, enclose the stuffed animal in a zippered pillowcase. Make sure that the zippered pillowcase is big enough to allow the stuffed animal enough room to move around.

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    Fill the tub of a washing machine with coldwater and place the zippered pillow enclosing the stuffed animal in it. Add a handful of gentle laundry detergent and set the timer at about 3 minutes with a gentle cycle. When the timer ends, remove the zippered pillow from the washing machine.

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    Set you dryer at the most minimum possible temperature and place the zippered pillow in the dryer. After one cycle of the dryer completes, remove the stuffed animal and see if it is properly dry or not. If it is not, put it back in the zippered pillow and dry it once again in the dryer.

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    When the stuffed animal is completely dry, it is safe once again for your child to play with. Return the cleaned stuffed animal to your child.

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