How to Clean a Cast Iron Wood Stove

Many people own a cast iron wood stove as these provide great ambiance and warmth during the cold winter months. As the seasons change, you will find yourself having to take some time out and clean your cast iron wood stove. It is always best to clean a cast iron stove in the summer or before the winter when you are about to use it. Cleaning your cast iron wooden stove is easy if you follow some simple techniques.

Things Required:

– Drop cloth
– Steel wool or wire brush
– Grease
– Vacuum Cleaner with hose
– Cleaning cloth


  • 1

    Make some room:

    Be sure to make some room around the cast iron wood stove before you start to clean it. Put the drop cloth around the stove to prevent any dirt, ash or grime from hitting and damaging your floor. Also, put all of the items that you will need to clean like a wire brush or steel wool and some grease.

  • 2

    Take all the parts out:

    It is important to take out or remove any parts that might be inside the cast iron wood stove. Remove any racks and trays that are part of the accessories.

  • 3

    Wipe down:

    Take your cleaning cloth and wipe down all the surfaces of your cast iron wood stove. Remember try to remove all the dirt and grime that is probably stuck to the surface. It might take some time but the effort is well worth it as it reduce the amount of time you will have to spend using a wire brush or steel wool.

  • 4

    Scrape off dirt:

    Now take your steel wool or wire brush and scrape off the dirt or grime that was left behind after you wiped the cast iron wood stove. Remember it might take a little hard work to scrape off the dirt with the brush so take be sure to take your time and be diligent.

  • 5

    Use grease:

    You can always apply some grease to the surface of your cast iron wood stove while you use the steel wool or brush to help you get some of the hard to remove dirt off. Be sure to wipe it away once you have cleaned the surface.

  • 6


    Take some time and use your vacuum to clean out all of the ash from the inside of your cast iron wood stove. Remember to take your time and thoroughly clean everything out as there will be a lot of ash inside.

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