How to Remove Grease Stains from Wood

Grease if accidently spilled on furniture can ruin its finishing and beauty. It can leave a permanent mark on wood furniture, floors, countertops or surfaces. You have to act as soon as possible in order to get rid of the stain easily.

If you leave the mark, it will ruin its fine appearance as the oil sinks deep into the wood. This will cause a darker stain which is much harder to remove.

Things required:

– Paper towels
– Measuring cup
– Bowl
– Vinegar
– Dish towel
– Cotton swabs
– Baking powder
– Cat litter


  • 1

    Removing excess grease from surface

    First of all you need to blot the grease stain. You need to remove the excess grease from the surface of the wood. Do this with the help of paper towels or dish towel. When attempting to remove the excess grease stain, avoid putting pressure or attempt to wipe the stains as this will spread the grease.

    You can lightly dampen you paper towel or dish towel if you wish. This will soak up a large amount of grease, making the stain smaller.

    For larger stains, cat litter can also be a vital tool in soaking up excess grease.

    Note: If you perform the dampening of dish water step quickly, you may even get rid of stain completely.

  • 2

    Pour water and vinegar into a bowl

    Next you need to pour ┬╝ cup of water and vinegar into a bowl. Soak dish towel into the mixture.

    For stubborn stains, warm the mixture into the microwave. This will help remove grease stain from wood.

  • 3

    Pour vinegar on the stain

    Pour vinegar straight on the wood surface which is stained with grease.

  • 4

    Clearing vinegar with the soaked dish towel

    Use the soaked dish towel to clean vinegar on the wood surface.  Remember not to wipe hard so the wood surface is not damaged.

    Note that in order to wipe out the small grease areas, you can use cotton pack.

  • 5

    Apply baking powder or kitty litter

    If the stain produced large mess, then apply kitty liver or baking powder. Leave the kitty lever or baking powder on the stain for few minutes. Then start cleaning.

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