How to Wash Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are soft, have a luxurious texture and have insulating properties. They provide a restful night’s sleep for countless people. There are many types of feather pillows but all of them require proper care in order to keep their quality intact. Washing the pillows is essential in order to keep them clean and well-maintained, and this can be done by following a few simple guidelines. You simply require a washing machine and a few protectors for this purpose. It is advisable to clean your feather pillows at least once a year.

Things Required:

– Washing machine
– Feather pillows
– Mild laundry detergent
– Pair of clean tennis shoes or tennis balls


  • 1

    Remove covers or cases

    First of all you need to remove any pillow cases or covers from your feather pillows before putting them in the washing machine.

  • 2

    Place two pillows at a time

    After removing the pillow case, you can put your feather pillow in the washing machine. However, you need to place two pillows at a time in the machine in order to even the load and keep it balanced. Then, turn the machine setting to cold or warm.

  • 3

    Add mild laundry detergent

    Now you need to add mild laundry detergent. Pour half of the regular amount of detergent into the washer.

  • 4

    Run the machine on gentle or delicate settings

    You are required to run the machine on gentle or mild settings. Then repeat the rinse cycle once or twice in order to thoroughly clean your feather pillows and remove all traces of detergent or soap from them.

  • 5

    Place the feather pillows in the dryer

    Now, you need to place the feather pillows in the dryer and dry them. However, you need to add tennis balls or tennis shoes in the dryer with the pillows. The tennis shoes or balls will not only fluff up your feather pillows but will also protect the feathers from clustering.

  • 6

    Dry the feather pillows

    After placing the feather pillows in the dryer, turn the heat settings to high and dry them. You need to keep them in there for one to three hours. It is advisable to check on them periodically, and monitor the drying process.

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