How to Clean your Storage Room

There are always things at home that one needs to store. Often a storage room is available for this purpose. Although it is a great facility and helps a person in getting everything that is not immediately needed to put away, it sometimes starts resembling a junkyard.

The reason for this is the lack of organization of this space. It is a bit of pain but the storage can be nicely organized and cleaned. It only takes a few hours and at the end of the task, you will see a world of difference to the same place.


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    Remove Unnecessary Stuff

    The first thing that you will need to do is to remove all the unnecessary goods from the storage. You will probably have hundreds of items in the storage at a given point in time. Some of these would have been useful a while back but now are not needed. It is best to trash these items right away. If there is something that can be useful for others but you no longer need it, give it away. 

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    Empty the Storage

    Now that you have removed the unnecessary objects, it is time for you to take all the objects in the storage out so that you can rearrange it from scratch as well as clean the storage. This will take a bit of time but it is important to do so in order to maintain a clean storage. 

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    Clean the Storage

    Thoroughly clean the storage once all objects have been removed. Remove dust from the walls and first mop and then wash the floor. Use a good quality anti-germs liquid for this purpose so that you can get rid of germs that are in the storage. You can also wash the walls with water once you remove the dust provided that they are not damaged by water. 

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    Place Pallets

    Instead of leaving the goods on floor, place them on pallets. New and used wooden pallets are easily available and all professional storages use them as they help in organizing sections in storage. Make sure that you get the ones that are of the right size for your storage space. You can also use stands for smaller objects. 

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    Once you are putting the goods back, make sure that you organize the storage well. Make categories of things that you have and place them accordingly. This will not only help you in keeping the storage nice and clean but it will also make it easier for you to find something when you need it. 

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